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Unique Wedding Invitation with Unusual Themes

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Unique Wedding Invitation

Unique Wedding Invitation with Unusual Themes

If someone ask ‘What is your perfect wedding?’ what answer would you be? Is it sunset on the beach with sun light shining through your face? Or is it up in the mountain with cold air and warm woods surround your recital?

Answers may vary from individual, but everybody sure wants a perfect wedding. From perfect planning to perfect execution, from perfect guest list to perfect wedding invitation, everybody wants it as perfect as it could be. Some couple are even thinking beyond perfection, and then they began searching for uniqueness and originality. If you’re that kind of couple who’s searching for unique wedding themes and invitation, here’s some of the list of wedding invitation with unique and unusual themes:

unique cardGothic Wedding Invitation

For some people, darkness and sorrow are beautiful. They love solitude, horror, and almost all the element of dying itself. Common people refer this attraction as Gothic. Gothic originated from European architecture, and become one of the most dominant styles during Late Middle Ages. In today worlds, Gothic usually related to horror, death and the romanticism behind it. It also imbued by the element of Death, such as skeleton, coffin, blood, or even vampire.  Gothic for some people is the best way to express their love and compassion. If you feel you can find beauty horror and death, you might want to try this Gothic themes and wedding invitation.

undangan pernikahan minimalisAnime Wedding Invitation

Do you know Anime? Anime is a style of Japanese film and television, targeting adults and children. Basically, Anime is a genre of drawing, painting, and some extremist. considering it as way of life. Anime takes form from simple comic book to highly complicated animation. Mind you, Anime have its own market and industry with millions of fictional character and stories for you to choose. If you and your significant other are in love with certain Anime story, just show it off! Make it your wedding theme, and design for your wedding invitation according your favorite Anime story.

wedding invitationGame Wedding Invitation

Are you or your significant other a gamer? Or both of you gamer? Well, you can try this Game wedding theme! If both of you love video game, you can wrap this wedding plan in ease. From decoration, the cake, the guest dress code, and even the wedding invitation can be designed according your favorite game! The wedding invitation can even be tweaked in certain way to make it feels more ‘gaming’. Popularly, gaming couple choose some of the famous 8-bit game because it is easier to design. But there are some people who literally make their wedding invitation as a board game! Awesome, isn’t?

Undangan PernikahanMedieval Wedding Invitation.

Even though in medieval era marriage wedding can be tough, you can still use Medieval element as your wedding themes. From Medieval trumpet fanfare, royal greetings, and scroll-like wedding invitations can be made to make it more convincing. You can make your own House, and add your royal seal taped into the invitation. Medieval can be fun and intriguing, right?



future worldFuturistic Wedding Invitation

Have you ever wondering how wedding and marriage style in the next 100 years? Well, some people are pretty curious about it and make that future as their wedding themes. They warp their wedding into the future, imagining the entire futuristic element and make it as their wedding element.  If you’re interested in this wedding invitation design, you can try make it from hard glass, adding some little lamp, or even putting some complex shapes. Either way, your wedding invitation will be different from other people.


undangan pernikahan vintageSteampunk Wedding Invitation

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. This theme is very popular among fantasy lover. But only few of them are actually in love with Steampunk. If you’re interested, you can try Steampunk looks as your wedding themes and invitation. Steampunk themes will definitely give you a cool, unique, and unusual reaction from your guest.

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