Types of Personality You Should Know Before Married

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Types of Personality You Should Know Before Married

Types of Personality You Should Know Before Married

Marriage is where two different brains, two different identity, and two different set of personality combined together. Every man or woman who’s willingly want to get married in the future must know their partner’s type of personality, in order to prevent unwanted and unhealthy debates.

They must know how to talk efficiently to their partner, how their partner will accept and solving problem, and all the things about communication between them. In psychological term, there are 4 set typology of personality frequently used by HRD manager, psychologist, and family therapist to analyze someone personality. In marriage situation, this personality knowledge is important for both couple because it can help them to communicate better and efficient. Now let’s find out more about this 4 set type of personality!

Choleric is a natural born leader; they have firm principles and can absolutely lead and direct people. They have to-the-point solution, want everything quick, almost didn’t procrastinate, and sometimes become control freak with command-and-kill method. A true Choleric want everything goes as planned without failure in every inch of its detail. They won’t accept failure, and sometimes get overly-angry if their plan didn’t works.
Choleric people didn’t care so much about fashion. They are practical, efficient, and simple. They always see the usefulness element first. They walk with total confidence, with piercing eyes and very straight body language. They talk with certainty, usually with commanding language and ordering tone, and usually hard to someone who’s looking for help. They are trying to become ‘dominant’ in everyday situation, because they have this itch feeling of controlling people. If other people didn’t agree with Choleric decision, they will confront with such aggressive force. They will also argue more than other type of personality because they have a big ego and desire to prove that they’re greater than anyone.
Competition is like food for Choleric people. They eat it like breakfast, and they will bet everything for the win. They really, really hate to lose. They love authoritative environment, and they enjoy being more superior to any other people. They also take pleasure when their enemy gets some misfortune, humiliation, or pain. They also tend to blame other people for their own mistakes, and will point it out loud to save their face.
In marriage world, a good choleric people will become the best leader a family can get. They know what to do, where to go, and always strive and struggling to reach the family’s target. But mind you, if a bad choleric people become a husband or a father, they will be abusive (verbal and non-verbal) and certainly make their partner feels horrible, threatened, and insecure every time they are together in one room. But don’t worry, if your partner is a Choleric, here’s some tips for you to communicate better without engaging their ‘rage-mode’ :
Talk with firm tone
Speak systematically
Avoid debate without the correct and right source
Let them talk until they’re finish, and then you go talk right after them.
Choleric usually have a hot-blooded-head with high temper and domineering attitude. You should know when to speak, how to speak, and WHY you speak if you want your advice absorbed by them.


Sanguine is a warm wind in the Fall, a cold air in the beach, and a smell of flowers in the Spring. They are blissful people full with happiness and have a warm heart. They usually wear something unique with bright color, because they love to be the center of attention. If you come to some party and see one man/women surrounded by other people, you can bet that man/women is a Sanguine person. Sanguine people love to laugh, telling their stories, and entertain people. Sanguine people will walk with confidence even though their style of fashion sometimes didn’t fit with nowadays trend. They will look left and right, throwing a lot of smiles to passerby.
Sanguine is an extroverted type of personality. They love talking to other people, and they will not get scared, feared, or ashamed by their style. They flaunt their plus side, but not totally hiding their minus side. They talk more than they listen. Yes, Sanguine finds social interaction as their daily need. They need talk to other people in order to ‘re-charge’ themselves. They are so expressive, talkative, and speak with such friendly tone that will make everyone loves them and enjoy their company.
They tend to forget their promises, but always quickly to apologize. They are quick to ‘forgive-and-forget’. They have a good quality and sense of humor, and they always smiling and look something from every positive sides. This is what makes them a great motivator, they can enthusiastically transfer their courage and optimism to other people. They also express their love and gratitude through hugs and other physical contact.
Sanguine partner is the most loving thing you get in your marriage. They will always support, encourage and keep their partner as close as possible. They will always show their love to their partners, regardless the situations. If you have Sanguine partner, here’s some tips if you want to talk more effectively:
Talk with such high enthusiastic tone
Use little illustration
Make a comfortable body language
Listen to their words carefully
Sanguine people are loved to be heard and to be listened. They are easy going, fun, and will avoid boring or dull conversation. If you can make every topic is interesting to talk, you will get their ears and their hearts.


Melancholic people are a very neat, diligent, detail, and complex person. Melancholic people is ‘that’ guy in your high-school class who always do their homework as soon as possible, and then share it with other classmate. They make the word ‘perfection’ go to the next level. They bring perfection everywhere in their life. They must have flawless hair, a flawless dress/suit, and flawless color combination. They plan and calculate almost everything in every aspect of their life.
If you want talk about revengeful person, Melancholic people are the champion. They can hold their grudge for a very long time, and will not EVER forgetting people mistakes.

They are expert in analytic. They can analyze every inch of project detail if it’s necessary to be done. They love data and facts, because they believe only that what’s important. They always think before they act because they always strive for perfection. They are very pessimistic, and will assume the worse due to this unrealistic standard they’ve had. When something didn’t go as well as they planned, they will complain a lot. They will argue who’s to blame, who’s fault and whose should responsible for this mayhem.
In marriage world, Melancholic partner will become the idealist and the perfectionist among the couple. They always want their workplace and home tidy, organized, and perfect according their standard.

If you have a Melancholic partner, here’s some tips you can use to make an effective conversation:
Use realiable fact and data, NEVER hold on argument alone.
Give them time to think and saying something
Give them space to say their constructive talk
Don’t get bored with them
Melancholic people is the exact opposite of Sanguine. If Sanguine always have happy thoughts and optimistic attitude, Melancholic always pessimistic all the time and looks everything in the worst possible way. If you can handle their pessimistic and data-freak side, you can surely get into their hearts.


Phlegmatic people are very conservative. They are true followers in modern world. They like to do something IF it already has certain rules, or people have tried it before. Phlegmatic can sit day after days, weeks after weeks in one exact spot. They will not get bored easily, and they can handle hard routine with ease. They are loyal to the rules, and will not break it on any under circumstance.
If you spot someone whose always quiet, succumbing themselves, and avoiding conflict, you can bet that person is Phlegmatic. They have kind hearts, easy to talk and live with modesty. They tend to become the quiet one among the groups, and usually have unseen talent that will shock everyone. They are a very patient person, almost immune to anger and love to please other people. They have no desire to be the very best; they just want peace for themselves.
Trustworthy, empathetic and sensitive is what they do the best. They also find it difficult to say no to other people request, and will go along with things that they dislike. They just want to make other people happy, and absolutely didn’t want hurt people feelings. Phlegmatic are highly introverted person, and barely express their emotion at all. Is your partner Phlegmatic? Then here are the tips to connect with them :
Don’t rush your sentence, and relax your tone
Consistent with your words
Avoid conflict
Bolden your point
Phlegmatic person will become the most caring thing in your marriage. You will love every single moment with them, share your sadness and your sorrow, and lighten your burden.  Phlegmatic will always listen to your problem, and always try to make you happy.

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