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Don’t Call Demi A “Bad Girl” — She’s Just Speaking Out

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Actress Demi Moore poses for a portrait circa 1982 in Los Angeles City.  (Photo by Dianna Whitley/Getty Images)

Demi Moore is an American actress and film producer. She gained widespread recognition in the 1980s and 1990s for her roles in films such as “St. Elmo’s Fire,” “Ghost,” and “A Few Good Men.”

Moore has received critical acclaim for her performances and has been nominated for several awards throughout her career.She is also known for her personal life and high-profile relationships, including her marriage to actor Bruce Willis.

Demi Moore continues to be active in the entertainment industry and has made appearances in both film and television 

Childhood and family

Moore was born November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico. Her biological father, Air Force airman Charles Harmon Sr., left her then 18-year-old mother, Virginia (née King), after a two-month marriage before Moore was born.

When Moore was three months old, her mother married Dan Guynes, a newspaper advertising salesman who frequently changed jobs; as a result, the family moved many times.

Together, they had Moore’s half-brother Morgan. Moore said in 1991, “My dad is Dan Guynes. He raised me.

There is a man who would be considered my biological father who I don’t really have a relationship with.” Moore has half-siblings from Charlie Harmon’s other marriages, but she doesn’t keep in touch with them either.

Don’t Call Demi A bad Girl She’s Just Speaking Out

Moore’s stepfather Dan Guynes divorced and remarried her mother twice. On October 20, 1980, a year after their second divorce from each other, Guynes died by suicide. Her biological father Charlie Harmon died in 1997 from liver cancer. Moore’s mother had a long arrest record which included drunk driving and arson. Moore broke off contact with her in 1989, when Guynes walked away halfway through a rehab stay Moore had financed at the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota. Virginia Guynes posed nude for the magazine High Society in 1993, where she spoofed Moore’s Vanity Fair pregnancy and bodypaint covers and parodied her love scene from the film Ghost. Moore and Guynes briefly reconciled shortly before Guynes died of a brain tumor on July 2, 1998. 

Moore spent her early childhood in New Mexico, and later, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.  

She suffered from strabismus as a child, which was corrected by two operations; Moore also suffered from kidney dysfunction.

Moore learned of her biological father, Harmon, at age 13, when she found her mother and stepfather’s marriage certificate and inquired about the circumstances since she “saw my parents were married in February 1963. I was born in ’62. “


At age 14, Moore returned to her hometown of Roswell and lived with her grandmother for six months before relocating to Washington state, where her mother and siblings were residing near Seattle. Several months later, the family moved again to West Hollywood, California, where Moore’s mother took a job working for a magazine distribution company. Moore attended Fairfax High School there, and recalled, “I moved out of my family’s house when I was 16 and left high school in my junior year.” In 2019, she stated she was raped at 15 by landlord Basil Doumas, then 49. Doumas claimed he had paid Moore’s mother to get access to Moore to rape her, although Moore said it is unclear if this were true


Don’t Call Demi A bad Girl She’s Just Speaking Out

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