Wedding Invitation Card Trends That You Will Not Expect


Wedding Invitation Card Trends That You Will Not Expect

Wedding Invitation Card Trends That You Will Not Expect

By Rani Yusti

Need a little inspiration? You can see these creative ideas

list ue ca – Not a few who like vintage wedding invitation card, but many also like lat write trendssetid highly personalized. Everything from stamps to RSVP cards are made something unique. Illustrations, motifs, suitable monograms, with paper alternatives, and even funny sentences can provide information to invited guests about how fun they are in a wedding celebration.

Here are some of the trends of deceased wedding cards that have been successfully collected by the uniquecard team.


Purpose Envelope Liner

Provide an information to a beautiful local spot on the envelope envelope


Animal Illustration

For a rustic theme, introduce to the invited guests with some illustrations using the wildlife they might see during their visit.


Geometric Theme

To avoid the cost of making invitations, you can fill in the inside of the card with any form.


Laser Cut Paper

For a truly creative invitation card, create a design with a special laser piece.


Cootie Catcher

Create a treatment for invited guests with a blast from the past with a pre-folded cootie catch stored in the invitation. Insert some event details printed on the inside.


Love Timeline

Bring your love story to the schedule of events in the form of a proposal that tells your experience from the first time you meet up to a relationship with your partner to the game.


Paspor Save-the-Dates

Recommend a few local places to eat or restaurants, or activities recommended for their stay, by providing a label on Passport invitation cards to complement this theme.


Not Paper

Invited guests will be a little surprised because the invitation card is not from paper, but from wood.


Flag of Pennant

Print some details about the colored flag, this card will steal the attention at the wedding season.


Playful RSVP Cards

If you have pets, do not forget the inputs in your stationery, an animal illustration with thankful thanks to a little dialogue about how fun your wedding will guarantee the level of RSVP.


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