Unique Invitation Card For Your Wedding Day


Unique Invitation Card For Your Wedding Day

Unique Invitation Card For Your Wedding Day

By Rani Yustita


Uniquecard.net – Bored with invitation cards so-so wrote? Perhaps your friend uses a photo passcard on her invite, and you want to find something more creative? You can create a unique but very unique invitation card. Check out the latest trend invitation cards.


Comic Invitation Card

Tell your friends you are inviting with a shortened version of your relationship with your spouse, start telling you how you started to meet and connect. Or just share the spoofy on the story of your proposal.

Unique Invitation Card For Your Wedding Day


Magazine Invitation Card

Demonstrate your writing skills and wedding location within a magazine-themed invitation card by storing up-to-date information.

Personalize – Make a list of your favorite places, include also a suggestion for activities and eating places, also include a proposal story.








Game Board Invite Card

Most Liked Invitations In Indonesia

Most Like Wedding Card

Take a theme of The Game of Life.

Personalize – You can coordinate colors with the wedding palette, by creating various game spots on this invitation card. Make a finish line of wedding date and include also designer, bride and groom.



Vinyl Invitation Card

You can collect vintage recordings and put a wedding date label on the theme of this invitation.

Personalize – Find records of your favorite bands and specify the wedding date, so the invitation card recipient can play the recording.

An Idea: Try to find an album to be played at your wedding.





Passport Card Holder’s Invitation Card

Personalize – Choose colors and tuck the classic wedding date card in it, guests will get a clue they will follow in the journey.

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Unique Invitation Card For Your Wedding Day




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